Sound + Isolation

Compared to the regular silicone tips that many manufacturers provide with there in-ear headphones Crystal Tips offer background noise isolation levels in excess of 300% higher than regular silicone tips. The effects of such isolation drastically improve the listening experience for the customer. In a recent blind test 87% of participants found that a pair of earphones sounded noticeably better when being used with Crystal Tips rather than silicone tips. With abilities like this Crystal Tips are an extremely cost effective way of improving your product


Comfort + Fit

Crystal Tips offer a huge increase in comfort levels over regular silicone tips. The memory foam forms a perfect fit with the users ears ensuring maximum comfort



Crystal Tips are available in a wide assortment of colours. This means that we can provide you with Crystal Tips that mach the colour of your earphones, enhancing there aesthetic appeal. We can manufacture the tips in accordance to the standardised Pantone colour reproduction system



Crystal Tips are also available in customised shapes. We can work closely with you to deliver Crystal Tips in almost any shape whilst still maintaining the same levels of performance

CRY - 010.jpg