It is fun to find good ear tip that fit.  There are several products such as very famous Comply series, popular Sony hybrid ear piece, Monster SuperTips, JVC spiral do, Spinfit, etc.  Now new ear tip was born in UK, named Crystal Tips.  Crystal Tips is a project made by Kickstarter, which collected GBP20,000.


According to its official site, characteristics are

1. 3 times more sound insulation than normal type

2. Twice longer lifetime than normal type, with special very thin film courting

3. Strength in lower sound

4. Anti bacterial

Looks good, particularly longer lifetime, so I decided to buy.

Cost including shipment to Japan was GBP13, about JPY2,500.  Size of stem is S or M, size of ear tip is S, M or L.  It is easy to know which size to buy based on ear phone brand used in the site.


Made comparison among Comply, Crystal Tips, Monster SuperTips, and Noble (with pictures)

The size of small hole in the form of Crystal Tips is much more delicate than Comply.  And Crystal is covered by special antibacterial film.

Crystal has low resilience material and it is quicker to rebound after smashing than Comply.

Crystal is form type so very good fitting feeling.

Sound quality is that in case of Comply the higher sound is a bit muffled, but not with Crystal Tips.  A bit emphasis on lower sound but not so strong.

The sound insulation, same level as Comply.

Will check the point of longer lifetime. Comply degrade clearly after one month of daily use.


Crystal Tips looks really good.  Higher sound not spoiled like Comply, stronger in lower sound.  If longer lifetime than Comply, superior in everything.

I believe it will be handled by Fujita avic or e earphone soon.


[improved ear tip exceeding Comply, "Crystal Tips 2"]

Next review after long time.

I wrote a review of Crystal Tips, which has same level of sound insulation and longer lifetime.  I like it very much....... but I found I feel some uncomfortableness in my ear after wearing for one hour, maybe because of my ear shape.  It was same for Comply, no problem at the beginning but after 30-60min start feeling uncomfortableness.

I continue using it since there is no problem at the start of fitting.


Then I bought Crystal Tips 2, which has improvement in the shape and fitting feeling.

Conclusion after use,

Fitting feeling is definitely improved.  Uncomfortableness in the ear after long use disappeared.  Now I can listen music very comfortably.  No problem in fitting into Savant Universal, and I will probably not have any issue in ear piece.

I can survive in 2015 with current combination of LOTOO PAW5000 +Crystal Tips 2 + Noble Audio Savant Universal..